Education Quality Management. The Power of Clarity.

People already knew centuries ago that investing in knowledge produces high returns. And nothing about that has changed. Nevertheless, it's clear that continuing education for employees is one of the most intensive things a company can do. That's why it's important, especially for companies that offer substantial training opportunities for their employees, to occasionally reevaluate whether their programs are sensible and profitable.

Thomas Goettsche can help them recognize how their training opportunities actually contribute to company goals, whether it would be better to eliminate or modify them, where the shortcomings in the training system lie and which targeted qualifications can fix them. One thing is for sure: simply asking about participant satisfaction after a training course - using so-called "happy sheets" - is as common as it is useless, and has nothing to do with the actual results.

One type of education quality management that Goettsche Consulting uses to make companies more efficient is the ABC analysis for providers of training courses. It doesn't just ask questions about the purpose of training courses and whether they're up to date, but also looks for possibilities for consolidation, improvable contract conditions and opportunities for structural optimization - such as in a case where it seems advantageous to switch to a provider with more locations, if the minor reduction in training quality is more than compensated by the higher level of flexibility.

Providing more transparent competence structures also belongs to our consulting services. They give companies more integrity and clout and can help prevent corruption due to old-boy networks. For they create an objective picture of performance: employees are aware of which skills are needed for which promotions and how company milestones are defined.