Training Course Development. On the Right Path.

Only a cut diamond sparkles. And only employees who are well-prepared for their assignments can accomplish great things. That's why training courses are an element of daily life in a successful company. But the sheer number of different models and methods for courses is overwhelming. Goettsche Consulting can help. With detailed knowledge and a broad overview of the market, not only can we analyze the customer's needs and recommend appropriate training options. With our expertise, we can also develop training courses together with internal or external specialists. Qualification programs for trainers, courses teaching correct machine usage, continuing education for employees looking to improve their understanding of company products - all possible as online or on-site training courses.

Even when designing training courses, quick and lasting success in the everyday life of your company is the top goal. Course design is thus of special importance. That means that Goettsche varies the training methods based on the learning goals determined through analyzing the customer's needs. We divide procedures into different sequences of steps, include practice sections and incorporate short self-evaluation tests. That's how we achieve sustainable learning results and paves the way for early successes. For strong results and profitable investments in the workforce.