Thomas Goettsche. A High-Profile Professional


Thomas Goettsche has been making company processes better, safer and more effective for over 15 years. The IT industry has been the main beneficiary of his pragmatic-analytic approach. This is the result of his professional background, where one particular era of his career stands out: his time at SAS, the American provider of analytic and business intelligence software.

At the Heidelberg headquarters for the economic region encompassing Europe, Middle East and Africa, Goettsche, a trained psychologist, developed and implemented, among other things, key performance indicators to measure the performance potential of service companies, introduced interregional best practice standards and developed marketing programs, diverse methodologies and organizational designs. He also worked as a project manager for various clients and the entire Middle East region, where he was responsible for process cost calculation projects for the largest provider of telecommunications services in Abu Dhabi.

Thomas Goettsche also held the post of Education Manager of SAS for the EMEA region. In this role, among other responsibilities, he designed certification tests, trainer approval, e-learning programs and trainer-oriented courses for companies in the service industry, and administered them. Additionally, he led IT training courses of his own design at the German SAS Institute for external and internal consultants, participated in the development of applications and certification tests and belonged to a team of experts for instructional materials.

Before working in industry, Thomas Goettsche was employed at the Faculty for Psychology of Marburg University. His responsibilities there included programming experiments in various languages and multi- and univariate statistical analysis of experiments. Author of two textbooks, he is also an expert in various programming languages and in business intelligence tools such as Qlikview and Tableau.


Felicia Winkelmann