Certification. Basis of Trust.

It takes years to develop trust, but under certain circumstances only a second to lose it - often forever. That's why trust is the decisive aspect of any business relationship. This is particularly true for services from software companies. Their consultants adapt the smallest aspects of complex technologies to the needs of client firms, which means that their work is often both delicate and critical to the company. Whether they are always up to date on state of the art technological development, whether they recognize and solve problems in time, and whether they meet the exact needs of the customer - these questions are of vital interest for all parties. Certifications show whether this is the case - and if your trust is well-deserved.

The Goal Is To Take Action
As an internationally experienced specialist, Thomas Goettsche delivers custom-made certifications, especially to software providers. For powerful conclusions, maximum protection and high customer satisfaction. He focuses not only on the theory, but on a precisely defined collection of practice-relevant skills. That's how Thomas Goettsche always makes concrete professional success his goal and does his part to make the maxim of English philosopher and social scientist Herbert Spencer from over 100 years ago come true: "The ultimate goal of education is not to gather knowledge but to take action."

It Depends on the Test
The test that a certification is based on determines the influence it will have on daily professional life. Because the person who asks the questions also makes important decisions. Like Thomas Goettsche. The consultant knows all the facets of different test varieties and knows exactly when, where and for whom which test form will deliver the best results - from multiple response to hot spot questions to matching. A critical perspective on individual methods is important. Variations such as simulation or gamification might be popular now. However, that doesn't mean that they are supported by the insights of cognitive science or that they make good business sense.

A Question of Precision
Whether tests are meant to investigate the comprehension and application competence of training materials or just focus on customer-oriented consulting services - they are always based on a meticulous analysis of the assignments. Thomas Goettsche administers the tests in close, competent cooperation with experts from the relevant field. Intensive on-site or online workshops provide high quality. Field tests allow for even more precisely defined content and structures, and well-informed setting of cut scores - evaluations of the candidates that are as precise as they are practice-relevant. Every step also takes into account the standard best practices. Reliable. Objective. And as valid as the conditions allow.

A Sure Thing
Trust in your employees is a wonderful thing. But it would be naive to believe that no test candidate would ever be dishonest. Candidates who have already failed once are especially likely to try a few tricks to pass the next time. That's why test security is an important aspect of validity - and of every profitable investment in certification. Thomas Goettsche has been committed to test security from the beginning. Thanks to his immense testing experience, he knows where and how weaknesses can find their way into the procedure and what to do about them. One proven method is result verification, which is activated in cases of unproctored internet testing. It doesn't just secure results. Its deterrent effect also discourages many potential cheaters.

How Much Reality Is Enough?
If you want to swim, you have to get in the water. Performance-based assessments therefore create a completely realistic testing situation. But even when practice relevance is essential for a good certification: is it necessary at any cost? It's okay to have doubts. The costs of such situations are typically as high as their scalability is problematic. Anyone thinking about investing in methods like performance-based assessments needs a consultant who can evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages with a critical, empirical eye, and who gives you his or her straightforward opinion. Like Thomas Goettsche. In his approach, corporate goals are just as central as the customer's budget situation. And he'll never try to smooth talk you.

Meticulous Evaluations - Correct Results
A test tailored to the most important information and reliability in testing are important for a meaningful certification. But an expert evaluation is just as important. It can analyze distractors to clarify the significance of correct and incorrect answers for the overall result. It can also weigh the pro and cons of the classical test theory and analyze the costs and benefits of the item response theory. In any case: customers of Thomas Goettsche Consulting can trust that the results will be interpreted by experts - and that they will provide insights relevant to your needs.

A Perfect Fit: The Right Test Provider
Small and medium-sized businesses profit from certifications just as much as large enterprises. Just one issue: they often do not have the digital infrastructure to carry out and evaluate the tests. Thomas Goettsche can give them expert advice about which test provider, such as Pearson VUE or Prometric, is best for them and what tools like QuestionMark Perception can do for companies seeking certification.

To the Horizon. And Beyond.
It used to be that the sun never set on the British, Spanish or Portuguese empires. Today this is true of the global empires of Volkswagen, SAP, Unilever and other international companies. For them and other European companies, it's not just important to offer certification tests in different languages and to meticulously check translations for compatibility and mistakes, such as according to the International Test Commission's standards. The tests also have to be adapted to the national guidelines of each country. This is especially important to consider for the United States. Thomas Goettsche is an expert on these issues. Thanks to his extensive international experience, he knows exactly where the pitfalls lie and how to best achieve your goals.